Wish you could see the crowd before heading out?
Tired of ending up at the wrong place?
Wish you could find the crowd that best suits you?
Now you can with CrowdKat!

CrowdKat is a mobile app that lets you view the crowd before you arrive. Find your scene all with the swipe of a finger. CrowdKat lets you share crowd photos and videos for others to see. Users can even send a request for a real-time crowd photo or video. Share the crowd wherever you go so the CrowdKat community can always see.

Your crowd, Your scene, CrowdKat!


Q. Why is CrowdKat Useful?

  • CK provides real-time crowd views of venues
  • CK lets users see the type of crowd before they arrive
  • CK lets users see the crowd’s dress/age/sex/vibe/noise level/etc.

Q. Why would anyone use CrowdKat?

  • So they can know how crowded it is before they go
  • So they don’t waste time at a venue with a crowd they don’t want

Q. Who would use CrowdKat?

  • Everyone who wants a sneak peak of the crowd before they go would find value in CrowdKat

Q. When would they use CrowdKat?

  • They would look at pictures/videos before they plan on going out
  • They would look at pictures/videos while out to find a new or better venue
  • They would use when traveling to scope out a venue they’re not familiar with or to choose among multiple venues

Q. Who takes CrowdKat pictures/videos?

  • Users take pictures to pay-it-forward and build the community
  • CK users take pictures to respond to community requests
  • Venues & their staff take CK pictures/videos to show the crowd inside their establishment

Q. Why would I tell someone about CrowdKat?

  • Users share the app with their friends, colleagues and family so the CrowdKat database stays fresh & grows

Q. How do I use CrowdKat?

  • The app has a tutorial which can always be accessed by tapping the settings button in the upper left corner of the app’s homepage
  • Watch the tutorial at the top of the homepage (the 4th button)

Q. Does CrowdKat eat up my memory?

  • No, once you approve a picture or video for the CrowdKat community, your cache is cleared.

Q. Where do I get CrowdKat?

  • Version 1.0 is available only on IOS Ver 8.0 or higher and can be downloaded at the Apple App Store

Q. Where does CrowdKat’s information come from?

  • CrowdKat relies on the user community to keep the data fresh and current
  • CrowdKat also welcomes pictures and videos from a venue’s management and staff.

Q. How current is CrowdKat’s information?

  • CrowdKat’s video and picture database is a current as the last upload.
  • CrowdKat is a pay-it-forward model and relies on users to recognize the value of current information.
  • The CrowdKat community can see the time stamp on every video and picture uploaded.

Q. Will CrowdKat work everywhere?

  • CrowdKat works mostly everywhere although malls and large enclosed multi-store environments can sometimes pose a challenge. We will continue to refine and enhance CrowdKat so it can be used everywhere

Q. How do I optimize my settings to ensure the best CrowdKat experience?

  • You will optimize the CrowdKat experience by keeping location services & WiFi enabled.
  • We have optimized CrowdKat to ensure minimal battery usage when locations services are running in background

Q. Can CrowdKat be used everywhere today?

    • Yes, but we recognize the importance of building a community to maximize the CK experience.
      Therefore we will launch CrowdKat city by city starting with PHILADELPHIA
    • We will announce on our website and through our social media outlets our launch schedule. If you want to help your city jump the line, contact support@crowdkat.com.
    • Notwithstanding the comments above, CK can be used anywhere in the world today; however, without active community involvement the user experience will be suboptimal and limited to the few community members in your geographic area using the app.

Q. How do I know when a request has been fulfilled?

  • If you have enabled notifications on your iPhone, you will receive either a banner notification or an alert.You will also see a red numbered circle at the upper right corner of the CrowdKat homepage.